Cetacean’s detection onboard system

The work package includes several tasks that will be developed together with the partners & stakeholders: 

  • A scientific Cetacean assessment when near a vessel to establish and assess their behavior. 
  • Definition of the system and sensors specification & architecture including acquisition campaign planning. This action will define all technical requirements for the solution. The solution will be designed for large vessels (cargo, liner…). 
  • Data acquisition on several campaigns and vessels 
  • System production & installation 

When surfacing, cetaceans in general have a relatively small signature due to their sizes and the small difference between their body temperature and the water temperature. The temporal persistence of this signature is also limited because whales surfacing times are relatively short. To increase detection capacity for small signature objects, partners propose a system composed of 3 sensor technologies. Sensors broadcast their detections to a server for processing by a fusion algorithm.

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