Innovation in SEADETECT

For the SEADETECT LIFE project, NEXVISION is at the forefront of innovation, pioneering optical cetacean detection powered by artificial intelligence (Deeplearning) algorithms. This cutting-edge technology is harnessed through a custom-designed electro-optics system:

  • Optical sensors: a bispectral panoramic camera with a 150° ultra-high resolution that covers both thermal infrared and visible bands. Coupled with steerable multispectral optical zooms (PTZ gyrostabilized gimbals), it becomes a powerful tool for spotting at sea.
  • Vision processing unit: a multicore high-performance AI processor setup, seamlessly blending GPUs, CPUs, AI accelerators, and custom-made hardware pre-processors (FPGA-based). This powerful combination ensures efficient data processing and analysis.
  • HMI: a touch display pad as a user-friendly interface, enhancing the overall usability of this groundbreaking technology.

Overall, NEXVISION’s electro-optics system promises to improve cetacean detection, providing valuable insights for conservationists and maritime professionals alike. As we continue to refine and optimize this technology, we anticipate even greater advancements in marine conservation and safety.