Anti-collision alliance

Our belief:
it is necessary to promote SeaDetect systems to have a significant effect on collision reduction,
to adapt them to new types of vessels and to continue to improve/enrich the solution.

Icon of network

Creation of a community

Search partners beyond the scope of the european SeaDetect project

Efficiency: Gather a community of actors and experts able to help us to specify the systems, the functionalities of the application, the location of the buoys…

Credibility: To be credible and seek to achieve our ambition of reducing ship strikes with cetaceans worldwide, we need partners and end users to test the future systems at sea.

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New systems and adaptation

Test SeaDetect systems on new ship and test complementary new solutions to fully address the challenge of collision reduction

Sea proven: Continue to validate the systems at sea and the adaptation of the system to different vessel configurations, others species and others seas.

Tests new solutions: subsurface detection, AWAC (Approching vessel WArning device for Cetaceans), map of cetacean behavior and migration by geographic area, create a serious game on whales/vessels collision.

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Raise awareness

Raise awareness of the subject of collision avoidance and promote solutions to improve safety and reduce collisions

Raising awareness of public authorities, private maritime actors, NGO.

Providing an effective solution to maritime actors to reduce collisions, and thus lower repair costs.

Leading a coordinated action to convince insurers to lower their costs.